Sunday, June 04, 2006

New House

Well not so new since it was built in the 1930's but new to me. Moving day, Thursday, was a little stressful since I did not get the keys till 4 in the afternoon - I should have had them at mid-day but that is all behind me know. Most of my things are unpacked but nothing is in the right places, I guess I need to live here for a while before things will be properly sorted. I would post some photos but I can not find my camera. Fingers crossed it will turn up soon. It feels strange after living in a flat for 6 years to have an upstairs and a downstairs, I keep having to run up and down the stairs but at least it should keep me fit. There are three bedrooms and a nice sized garden - although never having had a garden before I am not too sure what to do with it.
Crafting wise I have not got much done but will post a May report and June goals latter this week when I have had a chance to think about them.

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