Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Report & September Goals

For August my goals were:
1. Finish Quaker Garden - YES
2. Finish Around the World - No, I didn't even manage to put one stitch into this piece
3. Finish one beading project - No, I did start a couple but didn't finish anything
4. Start and Finish Dog Rose Scissor Case - Sort of, I finished the stitching but as yet have not got around to making it into a scissor case

For September my goals are:
1. Finish Kates GTG Sampler
2. Start and finish Bakewell Tarts Sampler
3. Start and finish Sunflower
4. Turn Dog Rose Scissor Case into a scissor case
5. Finish Around the World
6. Finish a beading project

Quaker Garden is Finished

I really enjoy stitching this piece, thank you Karen for organising the SAL.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catching Up

I have been very remiss lately in keeping this blog updated and in thanking fellow stitchers for gifts recieved. The first gift was of a beautifully stitched bookmark together with a gorgeous scissor fob, complete with a tiny silver frog to keep away frogs of the stitching type received from Josie as part of an exchange I took part in on the TWBB Rotation board.

The second gift, also part of an exhange, was recieved from Melaine. The gift contained some very yummy fudge, some beautufully hand-dyed threads and a lovely scissor fob which had been expertly stitched (Sorry for the poor photo).

I unfortunatley forgot to take photos of the two parcels I sent as part of these exchanges so can not share photos of my stitching. I have been working away at Quaker Garden and hope to finish it tonight so fingers crossed tomorrow there will be a HD to share.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sue Hawkins HD

Dog Rose Scissor Case by Sue Hawkins. Stitching completed 10-August-06 just the finishing remains to be done.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday my sister, niece and nephew came over for the afternoon and evening, which was great fun if a little tiring. On Thursday my nephew was given the almost all clear by his cardiologist, he has a small pin-hole in his heart which may or may not heal given time. The hole will not affect his development in anyway and the only thing he should not do is deep sea diving. Since he is only three months old the cardilogist signed him off and said to come back at 18 years old if he wanted to go diving.

Saturday I went to the Derbyshire Dales to attend a celebration with my almost family - my oldest friend's (who I have known since playgroup) mother was celebrating her 60th birthday. It was a beautiful setting and a wonderful oportunity to catch-up with all her family, who I will see next weekend at my friends wedding but it is always good to spend time with family even if they are not blood relatives.

Sunday I spent stitching in front of the TV. I managed to make noticable progress on QG even though I have had to do a lot of frogging on this piece. I also started Dog Rose Scissor Case by Sue Hawkins.

And in answer to a couple of comments (thanks to everyone for the comments, I love and appreaciate them all even if I don't respond to each one)

Liz: A GTG would be a lovely idea, you can email me at and we can make arrangements

Susan: I love planning and would even go so far as to say I am great at it, sticking to my plans is another matter entirely although not sticking to them gives me a wonderful opportunity for more planning.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July Report and August Goals

My goals for July were:
1. spend no money on stash – not even close to achieving this one, I went on several highly enjoyable shopping sprees
2. stitch and finish a scissor fob for an exchange I am participating on – yes done, just.
3. complete at least 2 projects from my stitching stash pile – only finished one.

For August my goals are:
1. Finish Quaker Garden
2. Finish Around the World
3. Finish one beading project
4. Start and Finish Dog Rose Scissor Case

While contemplating my goals for August I have also been thinking about my long (ish) term plan for finishing 15 projects (as listed in the side bar) by the end of the year and this has led to me planning my monthly stitching goals for the remainder of 2006. These are subject to change but I thought it would help me to keep focused by listing them out since it highlights just how much stitching I need to do in order to complete the 15 projects by year end.

September Goals:
1. Finish Kates GTG Sampler
2. Start and finish Bakewell Tarts Sampler
3. Start and finish Sunflower
October Goals:
1. Start and finish Celtic Heart
2. Start and finish Celeste
3. Start Dunedin
November Goals:
1. Finish Dunedin
2. Start and finish Grace
3. Start and finish Georgie
December Goals:
1. Start and finish Yellow Eyed Penguin
2. Start and finish Serena
3. Start and finish Kayln

I think it is still just about feasible to complete all of the remaining 14 projects from the original list of 15 but only if I stay focused and spend the maximum amount of time possible stitching each and every month.