Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Weekend of Beads

On Saturday I spent the whole day at a beading workshop where I worked on what was to be the back of an amulet purse but I have changed the plan and it will now be one side of a box. It is may fist attempt a peyote stitch and like everything else I do my tension is very tight. This means that the piece stands up all by itself and has no flex in it, much more suitable for a box rather than as a purse. Once the box is completed I shall attempt the purse again making a conscious effort not to pull it so tight. I am about half way through the first side and hope to have the box completed by the end of 2006.

Sunday I felt like working on something quick and easy so made myself this simple beaded necklace in my favourite colour - purple. The camera has, once again, drained the colour but the beads are all dark purple - in real life.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my nieces 2nd birthday - she sure is growing up fast. The whole family went round to witness the present un-wrapping. But being a fickle 2 year old although she liked her presents she spent most of the day playing with the balloons. I managede to finish the cardigan that I knitted for her in time for the party but totally forgot to take a photo in all the excitement. The cake that my Mum made was also a big hit - especially the self re-lighting candles.
To add to the family celebrations my sister announced that she is pregnant with her second little one.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dreaming of a Lighter Life

I have made what I hope is going to be a life changing decision and today have started on the Lighter Life diet. I am fed up with being over weight (well obese if I am honest with myself). I have tried just about every diet that has ever been dreamt up but have never tried Lighter Life. It is not going to be easy but the expected results will be worth the effort and I am determined that this time I will manage to stick with it and reach my goal weight.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A knitting weekend

I am coming to the end of a relaxing weekend spent pampering myself and knitting. I should however have been stitching on a piece that is to be a present for a friend but I had a tidy up last weekend and now can not find the supplies which I know I put away somewhere safe.

Instead I finished the grey scarf that I started just over a week ago. I am in a state of shock that I have managed to start and complete something in less than a year. The picture is not very good but the yarn is a mixture of various shades of grey with a little bit of dark camel.

Having completed the scarf I have started a cardigan for my niece which since she is only just about to turn 2 should not take too long to complete. I have recently decided that I need to reduce the amount of crafting stash that I own, I really do not have the space to house it all and there is so much stuff out there that I am itching to buy. So I am trying to only start something when something similar has been finished and I am also trying to work my way trough my pile of WIPs. How long this system will last only remains to be seen and I am sure that the CC will be out before too long.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Knitting Progress Report

Well after all my stash enhancement that went on last month I thought it best to actually get on with some knitting.

Last night I completed this tri coloured scarf, the pattern for which was in the Spring / Summer Vogue Knitting Magazine:

And to celebrate finishing something I started this lacey rib scarf. The pattern is from the Scarves of Hope leaflet which I purchased along with the yarn from Fiddlesticks Knitting. I decided however to change the pattern slightly by the addition of a frill.

This afternoon I am going to attempt to start my first ever pair of socks. I may be gone sometime.