Friday, September 22, 2006

Stash Reduction Plans

I have started yet another plan to reduce my stash and am going to take part in the 50 Projects Challenge organized by Cherylann. The challenge is to finish 50 projects (I am going to count all beading, knitting, crocheting and stitching finishes) before buying any more stash. I have decided on two exceptions to the no stash rule - I am allowed to buy any supplies neccessary for any classes / workshops that I take and I am allowed small quantities of supplies to finish off any projects that are completed as part of the challenge. I plan to start counting my finishes from today and that for stitching projects to count as finished both the stitching part & the finishing part has to be completed, except for stitched pieces that I plan to get professionaly framed which will count as completed once the stitching is all done.
In order to keep track of my progress on the 50 projects challange and also as a place to store my stash list I have created a second blog (Allie's Stash Mountain)where I have already posted my current list of fully kitted up projects, all 130 of them. I also have large quantities of chart / patterns for which I do not have all the supplies and also of unallocated supplies (yarn, beads, DMC, hand dyed threads, fabric etc.), I have estimated that I can probally kit up another 50 or so projects from the unallocated stash pile. I aim over the next couple of weeks to go through my stash and turn the unallocated stuff into kitted projects either using patterns / charts that I already own or using free patterns / charts so that I know exactly how much stash I have.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Time Flies

I can not believe how quickly the past week has flown past. I had a great time at the Take A Lovely Sampler class last Saturday, it was my fist ever stitching class but will not be my last. It was also nice to meet up again with a couple of stitching friends. I have set myself a challenge of trying to complete the pieces from the class before the end of the year.

Stitching wise I am currently taking part in a UFO Round Robin and am having great fun stitching on someone else's UFO while watching my own UFO grow. This weekend I am going to try and start the pre-stitching for a CA Wells class that I am going to be taking in November.

Sorry that there are no photos at the moment but my camera has decided to die on me.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Take A Lovely Sampler

Tomorrow I am off down to London to take part in my first ever stitching class. I am both excited and nervous, there is so much to learn and my skills are very limited on the stitching front but, as I keep telling myself, that is why I am taking a class.

The class is Take a Lovely Sampler by Lauren Sauer. I recieved the kit for the class earlier this week and it is gorgeous, I have made a small start by stitching the front of the Book of Needles. Unfortunately my photography skills are not good enough to capture the true colours, which are very vibrant in real life.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saying Goodbye to a UFO

I have decided to take part in my first every RR, a UFO RR and today have posted my chosen UFO - Night by Maria van Scharrenburg. Hopefully by the time I see her again there will be a few more stitches added to my sorry start. I started this piece several years ago, stitched about two dozen stitches and then put it to one side for reasons now long forgotten. I am really looking forward to get some progress on one of my UFOs and also to stitching on other peoples pieces.