Tuesday, June 06, 2006

May Report & June Goals

Having moved house in May I did not get much done craft wise but on the plus side I also did not spend any money on stash. Mays goals were:

  • Beading: Complete 2 projects. Not done, I only finished one - zig zag braclet (photo to follow once I have found my camera).
  • Knitting: Complete another scarf. No not done.
  • Stitching (1): Stick to my rotation. Sort of but only after a change of the rules.
  • Stitching (2): Progress 'A' to 75% complete. No only got to 50% complete.

For June my goals are:

  • concentrate on stitching & to make real progress on some of my pieces
  • spend NO money on stash

I have also decided to revamp my rotation yet again. The new plan is to stick to stitching the same five projects that are in my old rotation but to stitch on which ever one I fancy for as long as I like. I will continue this way until either I (a) change the rules again or I (b) finish at least three projects.

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