Saturday, May 27, 2006

Less Worrying News

My little nephew had a scan of his heart yesterday and the technician said that his heart is fractionaly enlarged but that everything was working as is should. She also commented that my nephew was a very healthy baby and that he was showing no signs of having a heart defect. My sister & BIL still have to go and see the specialist for the full results but the initial signs are good and it is most likely that my little nephew will never be adversly affected by his enlarged heart. Fingers crossed that the specialist will be as positive about the future for my little nephew.
Other news is that I exchanged contracts this week on the sale of my flat and the purchase of my new home. I am now frantically packing my possesions into boxes in preparation for the house move which is due to take place this coming Thurday. It is a good job that Monday is a bank holiday otherwise I don't think I would have time to get everything done.

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