Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Catching Up

Apologies for the long periods between posts and the lack of comments on other peoples blogs. I seem to have very little time on the internet these days and any time I have gets eaten up by Raverly. One thing that joining Raverly is doing is making me confess to exactly how much yarn I have stashed. I am about a third of my way through an inventory of my knitting yarn and already have 25 different yarns (which probably equates to a hundred balls of yarn) on the list. I knew I had a lot of yarn but never really admitted (even to myself) just how much. I really must (a) stop buying yarn and (b) learn to knit faster or find a way of adding hours to each day. This did not however stop me going on a mini shopping spree at lunchtime and buying the yarn for a new project that I will start one day (maybe, definitely maybe). The temperature in the office I work in is very variable so I have decided that a wrap would be an ideal thing to have on hand. Looking for inspiration on Raverly I came across Cozy (fromKnitty Fall 04) and have decided to knit myself one in a camel coloured 4-ply yarn rather than the yarn called for since I want a light (ish) wrap for all seasons. I went with a neutral colour as I thought it would go with anything and would be easier to knit with than black. Now I just need to find the time to knit it.

I have managed to complete a couple of hats and a scarf, all knit from a single ball of Sirdar Yo-yo yarn, which I had lying around. I still have plenty of the mammoth 400gram ball remaining so have cast on a second scarf that I hope to have finished off by the end of this week. These will then all be parcelled off and donated to the Warm Up Winchester appeal. I have also completed another two 12” squares to be included in the Fiber Freaks afghan to be donated to Blankets for the Gulf and have a fifth (and final) square started which I also hope to get completed by the end of this week (nothing like setting ambitious deadlines).

I have also been making satisfying progress on the pre-stitching on Album and am now confident that I will go to class with all the pre-stitching complete. I now just need to make a start on the stitching for the other classes that I am taking with Lauren Saurer in October and the CA Wells class that I am taking in November. Oh and find time on all the other projects that I have started & abandoned or worst still failed to even start. Everytime I speak to one particular friend she manages to mention that her 4 and 2 year olds do not have birth samplers unlike their four cousins (who in my defence are now 12, 11, 9 and 7 and where all at school by the time I had completed their birth samplers). I think I need to spend the next 2 to 3 years avoiding all contact with family and friends since they always generate additional projects for me. Just last weekend my sister asked me to knit her a bed throw (nice quick project I don’t think) and another friend dropped several non-too subtle hints about wanting hand knitted items for her soon to be born child. Anyway enough talking about doing something I must get off the net and pick up my knitting needles. I promise to return soon and report on progress.