Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quaker Progress

I have been stitching and have made a little progress on Quaker Garden, although I have just noticed that I need to do some frogging since I appear to have mis-counted a little.

And to answer a few questions:
Tina, the fabric I am using is an unknown piece that I had lying around in my stash pile, I think it is 32 count but other than that I know nothing about it.
Gina, the beading workshop I am attending is being held in Barton-Under-Needwood which is not too far away from me.
Belinda, you may be waiting a little while for a HD since I move so slowly, especaily in the heat that we have been having over here, but I shall try and have something to beading to show by the end of the weekend.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Yet More Stash

I have to report that I have been on yet another shopping spree, this time for more beading stuff. I have signed up for a weekend of beading workshops so needed to buy the required supplies but 6 kits (1 necklace, 1 pair of earings and 4 braclets) also made it into my shopping cart.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Exchange Stitching

I have spent the last few days stitching on a scissor fob that is to be an exchange gift and after a few false starts (I kept changing my mind about the design to use) I have now complete the front and half of the back pieces. The fob has to be posted by the end of the month so I shall put it to one side for a few days in order to get some more stitching done on Quaker Garden which is calling out to me at the moment.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quaker Garden Progress

I am really enjoying stitching on this piece and watching everyone else's progress. Although I have come to the conclusion that I am a very slow stitcher I must put QG aside for a couple of days since I need to stitch on a piece for an exchange.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Quaker Garden Started

I managed to make a start on the Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs at the weekend. I didn't get much stitching done but at elast I have made a start and can now say that I am taking part in the SAL that Karen has organised.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Small HD

While waiting for the supplies for Quaker Garden to arrive I decided tp stitch something small and managed to start & finish this bright lime green scissor fob. The thread was a recent gift from a friend in the States who acted as a floss fairy sending me a parcel of DMC that I needed to finish off a couple of things from my stash. The design is a free pattern by Passione Ricamo.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Good Day / Bad Day

For post that is, I got home from work to find one of the three stash parcels I have ordered recently waiting for me but not the one that I needed to be able to start on the Quaker Garden piece that Karen is organising a SAL for starting today so I shall be late getting going, I just hope that the supplies arrive before every else finishes their pieces.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Second Quarter 2006 Report

I can not believe that 2006 is halfway through already, it seems like hardly a week has passed since the start of the year. My goal for the year to finish with 5 less projects in each category than I started the year with, given recent shopping sprees I have so far only succeded in increasing my piles of stash quite considerably. Lets hope that I can do better during the second half of the year.

Summary for first half of 2006:
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 59 projects
Completed in 2006: 6 projects
Added in 2006: 18 projects
Stash Pile at 02 June 06: 71 projects
Knitting and Crochet:
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 14 projects
Completed in 2006: 3 projects
Added in 2006: 12 projects
Stash Pile at 02 June 06: 23 projects
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 12 projects
Completed in 2006: 2 projects
Added in 2006: 1 projects
Stash Pile at 02 June 06: 11 projects

Red text indicates stash added Since 4th January 2006

Cross-stitching and other counted stitching projects
  1. Beth Russell - Orange Border (80% complete)
  2. DMC - Sweet Pea Fairy (5% complete)
  3. L&L - Angel of Spring (80% complete)
  4. TW - Above the Clouds (30% complete)
  5. TW - Noah's Ark (15% complete)
  6. TW - Peacock Tapestry (5% complete)
  7. Barbara Thompson Designs - Skyscape
  8. Barbara Thompson Designs - Around the World in Cross Stitch (80% complete)
  9. Bent Creek - Swirly Sampler
  10. Butternut Road - Earthdancer
  11. Coleshill Collection - Sunflower
  12. Derwentwater Designs - Rose Bouquet
  13. Derwentwater Designs - Macintosh coaster 1b
  14. Dimensions - Power of the Serengeti
  15. Dimensions - Toy Shelf Birth Record
  16. Dimples Designs - Wee Beasties Part 5
  17. Dimples Designs - Wee Beasties Part 6
  18. Dinky-Dyes Designs - Celtic Heart
  19. Dinky-Dyes Designs - Celtic Knot Diamond
  20. DMC - Laburnum Fairy
  21. Just Nan - Amethyst Snowflake
  22. Just Nan - Celeste
  23. Just Nan - Christmas Jewel
  24. Just Nan - Ice Blossom
  25. Just Nan - Grace
  26. Just Nan - Serena
  27. L&L - Angel of Autumn
  28. L&L - Angel of Christmas
  29. L&L - Angelica
  30. L&L - Heavenly Gifts
  31. L*K - Bless the Baby
  32. Lanarte - Orchid
  33. Maria Von Scharrenburg - Night
  34. M-Designs - A
  35. M-Designs - A + D + Heart (15% complete)
  36. M-Designs - E + J + Heart
  37. Mirabilia - Royal Holiday
  38. Mirabila - The Fairy Moon
  39. Moira Blackburn - Growing Like A Tree
  40. Sheperds Bush - Cherry Heart
  41. The Silver Lining - Royal Affair
  42. The Silver Lining - Joy
  43. The Silver Lining - Hope
  44. The Silver Lining - Honor
  45. The Silver Lining - Grace
  46. Thea Groverneur - Jays
  47. Thea Groverneur - Pheony Rose
  48. Thea Groverneur - Rhapsody in Blue
  49. Thea Groverneur - Rose
  50. TW - Celtic Cross
  51. TW - Futurecast
  52. TW - Knotwork Bookmark
  53. TW - Paisley Corner
  54. TW - Stretch
  55. TW - Tempest
  56. The Victoria Sampler - Beyond Cross Stitch Level Six No ?
  57. The Drawn Thread - Toccata Number One
  58. Sheperd's Bush - Mother's Heart
  59. The Little Kit Company - Dunedin
  60. Mary Self Designs - Rose Cushion
  61. Mary Self Designs - Bright Flowers Cushion
  62. The Strand - Yellow Eyed Penguin
  63. Blackbirds Designs - Quaker Garden Sampler
  64. Kate's GTG Sampler
  65. Bakewell Tart Sampler
  66. French Alphabet Sampler
  67. Bizzie Creations - Georgie
  68. Bizzie Creations - Kalyn
  69. Sue Hawkins - Dog Rose Scissor Keeper
  70. Sue Hawkins - Dog Rose Scissor Case
  71. Bizzie Creations - Vicky

Completed Since 1st January 2006:

  1. Derwentwater Designs - Macintosh coaster 1a
  2. The Little Kit Company - Kakora Bookmark
  3. The Little Kit Company - Sheep Bookmark
  4. The Little Kit Company - Aoteoroa Sheep
  5. Derwentwater Designs - Rose Window
  6. Sue Hawkins Kit (A secret which one at the moment since it is to be a gift)

Knitting and Crochet Projects

  1. Black Dune Scarf
  2. Haze shawl
  3. Collinette Jumper
  4. Black & White Jumper
  5. Black sleeveless jumper
  6. Socks 1
  7. Socks 2
  8. Ripple Scarf
  9. Lacy Lattice Stole
  10. 63 square afghan
  11. Rega Scarf
  12. Rega Shawl
  13. New Zealand Scarf 2
  14. Cotton Socks
  15. Todder's Cardigan
  16. Fuzzy Scarf 1
  17. Adult Jumper 1
  18. Adult Jumper 2
  19. Fuzzy Scarf 2
  20. Adult Cardigan
  21. Yet another scarf
  22. Curly-swirly scarf
  23. Another scarf

Completed Since 1st January 2006:

  1. Toddler Ponch
  2. Scarf of Hope 2
  3. New Zealand Scarf 1

Beading Projects

  1. Beaded Box (10% complete)
  2. Romanov Bauble
  3. Fandango Braclet
  4. Aurora Stars (x3)
  5. Toulouse Chocker Necklace
  6. Georgian Bauble
  7. Turkish Rope Tassel
  8. Persian Tassel
  9. Art Deco Bauble
  10. Starry Night Bauble
  11. Mayur Necklace

Completed Since 1st January 2006:

  1. Fuchsia Scissor Tassel
  2. Zig-Zag braclet

Saturday, July 01, 2006

June Report and July Goals

Where does the time fly away to? I can not believe that it is July already and the year is half way done. I will post my half year report later, I need to spend sometime updating my stash lists with all my recent purchases. For now here is my monthly report and goals.

My goals for June were:
  1. concentrate on stitching & to make real progress on some of my pieces - I didn't do anything but stitch last month and have made some progress
  2. spend NO money on stash - totally failed on this one, think I managed to spend aroun £150 on stash!!!

Goals for July are:

  1. spend no money on stash
  2. stitch and finish a scissor fob for an exchange I am participating on
  3. complete at least 2 projects from my stitching stash pile