Monday, May 01, 2006

May's Goals

  • Beading: Complete 2 projects
  • Knitting: Complete another scarf
  • Stitching (1): Stick to my rotation
  • Stitching (2): Progress 'A' to 75% complete

Current Stitching Rotation
I need to keep reminding myself of my rotation in an attempt that I might actually stick to it.
Focus Piece: M-Designs A, D & Celtic Heart (currently at 0%)
Slot 1: Rose Window by Derwentwater Designs (currently at 90%)
Slot 2: Royal Holiday by Mira (currently at 0%)
Slot 3: Ice Blossom by Just Nan (currently at 0%)
Slot 4: Around the World by Barbara Thompson (currently at 25%)

Focus piece to be stitched in 12ths (or 1/4s of each letter & the heart) with 10 hours on one of the other projects in between.

Since I have a bonus day off work today (I just love Mondays when I don't need to go into the office) I am thinking of cheating a little by spending the extra stitching time completing Rose Window as this should only take a couple of hours.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Just checking up on you! Just kidding - I'm not one to talk. I'm doing a nice sunflower field kit for my Latvian friend Ina and it's not complete enough considering I need it for the beginning of June, framed and all. Ah. But, am nowhere near your level of kits, only 5 on the go so far!