Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A HD and A Purple Blob

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday which meant extra stitching time as well as time to visit with my niece & nephew. Because I was so close to finishing Rose Window I decided to stitch on that before starting my new rotation. After completing Rose Window I made a start on the M-Designs letter A which I am stitching on 32 count white linen using Vikki Clayton silks in Dark Burgundy. Although I have several VC silks this is the first time I have done any stitching with them and am finding the silk a delight to stitch with. Now I just have to decide what to add to my rotation in place of Rose Window. I am thinking of adding one of the smaller pieces from my stash pile in the hope that I can get some more finishes in an attempt to put a stop to the seemingly never ending expansion of my stash pile. I realised the other day that my combined stash piles are currently at 100 projects. Given the rate at which I finish things I estimate that I need to live to be 130 in order to get everything completed. I have also recently realised that my tastes in stitching have undergone a major change. Most of the projects in my stash pile while being things that I still think are nice and worth stitching are not projects that I would now purchase or consider must stitch items. I have set myself the challenge of not purchasing any new stash (of any kind) for the next three months. As a reward I will allow myself a limited shopping spree of no more than 3 small / medium sized projects. Which projects I am not yet sure as there are far far more than 3 designs out there that I want but it is sure to be fun trying to decide what to treat myself to.

The last picture is one of my niece and her new baby brother who for reasons only known to himself loves the one sock look.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the picture! I understand that one sock look is very 'in' this season.