Sunday, April 30, 2006

April's Report

I can not believe that the end of April is here already and the year is 1/3rd gone. I have had a reasonably productive month and managed to complete 3 of my 4 goals for April:
  • Beading: Finish at least one project Not quite, zig zag braclet is about 85% complete.
  • Knitting: Start something and progress the new project to 50% complete Definately yes I started and finished my New Zealand scarf.
  • Cross-stitching: Finish at least 2 projects. Another definate yes, I managed to finish 3.
  • Cross-stitching: Start A&D's wedding gift and progress it to at least 25% complete Definately no to this one, I have not even started it.

I have also done a fair bit of shopping having added 10 knitting projects to my knitting stash pile - a pair of socks in Opal cotton, a cardigan for my niece, a cardigan & 2 jumpers for me plus 5 scarves and 3 needlepoint kits to my stitching stash. I have also made the decision to try having a rotation for my stitching which led to me having a sort out of my stash crates and discovering 3 projects that had somehow got left of the list.

Thanks to all how have left comments recently, I greatly enjoy getting comments and appreaciate them all.

Sarah, I am spending the day with Thomas & Mae tomorrow so there should be plenty of new photos and I had totally forgotten that I managed to get your letter completed on time. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

Cross-Stitching & other Counted Stitching:
Stash Pile as of 28 March 06: 63 projects
Completed in April: 3 projects (Kokakora Bookmark, Sheep Bookmark & Aotearoa Sheep)
Added in April: 6 projects (Rose Cushion, Bright Flowers Cushion, Yellow Eyed Penguins, Kate's GTG Sampler, Bakewell Tart Sampler & French Alphabet Sampler)
Stash Pile at 30 April 06: 66 projects
Knitting and Crochet:
Stash Pile as of 28 March 06: 14 projects
Completed in April: 1 project (New Zealand Scarf)
Added in April: 8 projects (Opal cotton socks, 5 scarves, toddler's cardi, adult cardi and two adult jumpers)
Stash Pile at 28 March 06: 23 projects
Stash Pile as of 28 March 06: 12 projects
Completed in April: 0 projects
Added in April: 0 projects
Stash Pile at 20 April 06: 12 projects

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