Saturday, November 04, 2006

Its the Weekend

This week has dragged on for ever but finally the weekend has arrived and boy do I need a few days off. The week ended with a minor scare when I could not get the central heating to work but finally figured out that the pilot light on the boiler had gone out and after about a dozen attempts I managed to get it re-lit.

This weekend is all about me. Mum and Dad have flown over to Ireland to hide away in a friends holiday home over there since they feel that some quiet time alone together will do them both the world of good. So this means that I can focus on me. In a moment I am off to a full day beading workshop and then the rest of today and all of tomorrow will be spent stitching and watching all the programmes that I have recorded recently and not gotten around to watching (about 32 hours worth). On Monday I have a day off and am going to a health spa with a very close friend.

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