Sunday, November 12, 2006

Productive Weekend

After last weekend which was super relaxing this weekend was hard work but great fun. I looked after my niece and nephew for almost the whole weekend. I have looked after my niece over night before and both of them for a few hours but this was the first time that my sister has spent a night away from her son since he was born six months ago. I had great fun but am now exhausted. Both little ones behaved wonderfully - the only tears we had where when I needed to go home.
Since I was looking after a baby and a toddler I had pretty much decided that I would get no crafting done this weekend but got a surprising amount done. Right at the end of last week I managed to finish off a piece for the Just Nan Round Robin that I am participating in. I have also made a start on the stitching for the CA Wells class that I am taking next weekend and have managed to complete all the outline stitching & the stitching on the one of the pieces. I then gave in to the urge to start something new and have start knitting a new scarf, I decided that I needed a no brain project so have started a simple ribbed scarf. The only problem is that when I digged out the yarn for the scarf I found three balls of sock yarn that I had forgotten that I had. I think on my next free weekend I need to go through all the boxes of stash that I have and list it all out, not just the fully kitted up projects and I might even see if I can find suitable projects for some of the supplies (without buying anything new of course).
Sorry for the lack of photos but I have left my camera at my sisters, I shall upload photos just as soon as I get it back.

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