Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Progress Report and November Goals

I think I was rather over ambitious when it came to setting my October goals and therefore have not achieved very many of them but I did stick to the important one - buy no stash :-). I am going to try and be a little more realistic when it comes to setting Novembers goals.

Octobers Goals / Progress
1. Finish Kate's GTG Sampler - I have been stitching on this one but have not quite finished
2. Start and finish Bakewell Tarts Sampler - No, not even started
3. Start and finish Sunflower - No, not even started
4. Turn Dog Rose Scissor Case into a scissor case - No
5. Finish Around the World - YES
6. Finish a beading project - No
7. Start and finish Celtic Heart - No, not even started
8. Start and finish Celeste - No, not even started
9. Start Dunedin - No
10. Complete stitching on first round of Just Nan RR - Almost, it is about 75% complete
11. Keep up with stitching on UFO RR - Yes it was posted 2 days late
12. Buy no stash - Most definitely a YES

Novembers Goals
In November I want to:
1. Finish Round One of the Just Nan RR
2. Complete Round Two of the Just Nan RR
3. Keep up with stitching on UFO RR
4. Finish one stitching and one beading project
5. Do some pre-stitching for CA Wells class
6. Buy no stash

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