Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Further Thoughts on my 50 Projects Challenge

I have been giving a lot of thought to the projects that I would like to finish as part of the 50 Projects Challenge (its more fun than working). Since I want the finished list to contain a mixture of small, medium and large projects rather than just small projects this means that according to my calculations I shall finish the challenge sometime around the end of 2008. The calculations that I have done have been based on the assumption that I do not make any gifts for people and do not participate in any more round robins or exchanges. Since I love giving gifts the thought of not making any for over two years is not a good one but I do not want to make this challenge unrealistically long. So I have decided that provided at least 75% of the supplies for a gift come from my huge pile of supplies waiting to be turned into project kits the finished gift item can count towards the 50 Projects Challenge total. For example: I am about to start a small knitted gift for a dear friend, the pattern that I will be using is from a magazine that I already have and the wool is currently sitting in a box underneath my bed the only thing that I need to buy is a few beads. So although this project is not listed on my fully kitted stash list it will count towards my challenge total. I think this new rule of mine only slightly bends the existing rules since I will still be reducing my stash and the original rules state that items brought as a gift or to be used to create a gift do not count as stash purchases.

So far I have been doing this challenge for three months and have only completed one project but hopefully that will all change this weekend. Recently I have been a bit of a butterfly flitting from one project to another spending just a couple of hours on each one before getting bored and moving onto something else. I have decided that for the rest of the month of November, other than when I am working on the two RRs that I am currently participating in, I shall try and finish a project before moving onto something else. I have 5 or 6 projects which probably only need about 4 hours work each to be completed so am hoping to have at least 3 happy dances before the end of November.

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