Saturday, April 08, 2006

Great Post Day

Today was a great post day but a very bad day for my stash reduction plans. Actually talking about stash reduction plans I think I have come to a decision, the original plan for 2006 was to try and reduce my beading, knitting AND stitching stash piles. But I have discovered that I am really really really bad about not buying any new stash so I have decided to change my goals and concentrate on reducing my stitching and beading stash piles. I will let myself buy more stitching stash but with a maximum limit of 30 projects to be in the knitting stash pile so that I don't go too mad. With the stash that arrived today I currently have 20 projects all ready to knit.

The postman delievered the remainder of my New Zealand stitching stash, two gorgeous needlepoint cushion kits (pictured above) plus a small kit of a yellow eyed penguin (not pictured because it is going to be stitched as a gift) and some hand-dyed silks. The cushion kits are by Mary Self Designs. The postman also delievered a small pile of knitting yarns.

This will end up being a pair of socks, a jumper and four scarves at some point in the future. Anyone know how to knit and stitch at the same time?

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