Saturday, October 27, 2007

My New Stitching Rotation

After much thought and consideration may I introduce my new and latest rotation:

Round One: Noah's Ark by Teresa Wentzler - complete 1 pair of over one animals
Round Two: Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird Designs
Round Three: Finishing or Small project
Round Four: Noah's Ark
Round Five: Finishing or Small project

Repeat until bored.

With the exception of round one I will work on the allocated piece for 10 hours before moving on to the next round. I think this gives me a nice balance of projects both in size and in type / theme / colour so that I won't get bored. By giving Noah's Ark two rounds I hope to achieve my (current) goal of completing this before my niece's fifth birthday in Sept '08. For rounds three & I have created a list of projects to choose from all of which either just need putting together or I think that the stitching could be completed within 20 to 40 hours. I will try and only start a few off the list but have included several on the list to allow myself a lot of room for change without breaking my rotation.
List of Finishing / Small Projects:
1. Bent Creek - The Littles Santa
2. CA Wells - Cottage Etui Pincushion
3. Country Cottage Needleworks - Ladybugs and Bumblebees
4. Forget-me-knot-in-stitches - Album
5. Heart in Hand Needleart - Wee Santa '97
6. JBW Designs - The Reindeer Sampler
7. Just Nan - Celeste
8. Just Nan - Grace
9. Little House Needleworks - Paper Whites
10. Sue Hawkins - Pansy Pincushion
11. Sue Hawkins - Zebra Bookmark
12. Sue Hawkins - Zig Zag Scissor Keeper
13. The Sweetheart Tree - Lavender Luminescence
14. The Trilogy - Bucky the Snowman
15. Travellers Tales - Sinai Bedouin Sampler

I am going to start my rotation tomorrow but for the time being will also be working on CA Wells Peacock Needlecase since I need to get the stitching completed by 17th November. My plan is to finish one panel a week on the needlecase and then to go back to working on my rotation pieces.

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