Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Since getting back from a totally relaxed weeks holiday in the sun with my dear friends N&S I feel like I have hardly had a chance to sit down. Work is in the middle of a pre-Christmas shutdown rush and I had to take a day off to go to the hospital for a series of tests on the nerves in my left arm which are currently not functioning correctly. Now I just have to wait for the results and see where the Consultant suggest we go from there. I am finding that my knitting / stitching time is restricted by how long I can hold fabric or needles for at the moment.

Later today I am off to London to attend a CA Wells class, unfortunately I have not completed the required pre-stitching so will just have to take plenty of notes and hopefully find the time over Christmas to finish the project (Peacock Needlecase). I have also decided to wait till after Christmas to start my rotation since I seem only able to stitch for a couple of hours a week at the moment and stitching time is likely to be reduced the closer to Christmas we get. At the moment as well as working on the Peacock Needlecase I am stitching on a couple of my smaller projects:
Paper Whites by Little House Needleworks

The Littles Santa by Bent Creek

I have also started Wee Santa '97 by Heart in Hand and want to try & get Bucky the Snowman by The Trilogy started before Christmas. I have come up with a slightly mad scheme. I have no stitched pieces hanging on my walls at home (everything that I have stitched other than a couple of scissor fobs have disappeared to the homes of friends and family) so have decided that in 2008 I need to get some projects finished, framed and on my wall. I have several larger projects in my stash which I have always intended to stitch for myself one day but rather than start (or continue with) any of these I have decided to stitch small (ish) projects for myself next year partly due to the fact that I have several obligation pieces which I really must work on. So here is the mad part - I have decided that I would like the walls in the hall, stairway and landing to be covered by small projects and framed photos of family and friends. Not so mad but I was having a hard time deciding which projects to put on the walls so have decided to stitch at least some seasonal pieces and change the walls to suit the time of year. I will also have a few pieces which will stay up year round but I rather like the idea of decorating seasonally and there are so many delightful projects to choose from I would soon run out of wall space if I only hung pieces that would remain up year round. I will start by working my way through a number of projects from my stash pile before going on shopping spree as I would also like to reduce my stash pile (which is currently at 127 fully kitted projects) I am contemplating allowing myself one new purchase per 5 finishes next year.

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