Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photo Update

Sorry about the lack of photos in the last post but my camera had gone AWOL. It has now magically reappeared (it was stuck down the back of the sofa along with several knitting needles, a pair of scissors and about £1.50p in loose change) so I have taken a few snaps (very bad ones since they have all been taken with the flash on my ancient digital camera - fingers crossed Santa will be bringing me a new one) of my recent knitting finishes:

and my progress to date on CA Wells Peacock Needle case started on 21st October 2007.

Progress on this piece has been slow but I hope to be able to pick up the pace now that I have completed the outline of each panel. The class is on the 17th November and I would love to get all four panels completed by then so that I can concentrate on the finishing while at class.

Last night I decided instead of working on Peacock Needle case to start something new - Zigzag Scissor Keeper by Sue Hawkins which was one of my recent purchases at the Knitting & Stitching Show at the NEC which I went to back in September.

Starting this piece reminded me that I have made several recent purchases which as yet I have not added to my stash list. I keep saying that I will reduce my stash pile but every year I seem to add to it (I think the current total of stitching projects is in the order of 115). Once I get the CA Wells class and a weeks holiday out of the way I plan to set up a rotation for my stitching (once again) and to put a ban on any new purchases. I have some very old WIPs that I would love to finish one day plus several obligation pieces (mainly birth samplers) which I have yet to start even though the event which the pieces were meant to commemorate are now long past. I am thinking that a rotation would be a good way of making progress while maintaining interest on some of the larger pieces that I have. I am also thinking of setting mini targets with rewards - say one new purchase for every five finishes since completely banning new purchases never works for me but it would be nice to try and get my stash pile down to a more reasonable (i.e stitchable in one lifetime) level. I love buying stitching stuff almost as much as I love stitching but I am going to have to try and restrain my urges to buy until I have finished a few items. I am going to think on my stitching plan for a few weeks until I have attended the CA Wells class and also a weeks holiday during which I plan to get several hours of stitching done. I am currently having great fun trying to come up with a list of projects to take with me, I am thinking of take half a dozen or so small projects in the hope of getting a couple of HDs.

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