Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yet another catch up post

The Lauren Saurer classes were wonderful and I managed to get a significant amount of stitching done althought I did not get anything completed and have come away with loads of new projects started, purchased and added to my wish list. I am itching to get Album completed but have had to put it away for a little while since I must start the pre-stitching done on the CA Wells Peacock Needlecase since the class is fast approaching. Tomorrow I intend to spend all day stitching and catching up on all the TV that I have recorded & failed to watch.
Today will be housework, visiting my parents who have just returned from three weeks in Italy and watching the rugby world cup final. I also plan to get some knitting done. Recently I have managed to complete a number of scarfs and squares which are great ways of using up stash. I still have not completed listing all my knitting stash but there is a lot of it. I only have two plastic crates of yarn left to add to the list so should finish in the next week or so.

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