Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Janaury Month End Report

Well I managed to achieve three of the four goals I set myself in January. I finished the poncho for my niece over the weekend. She is into pink and fluffy in a big way at the moment so she should love this. It was a quick and fun knit. I think maybe it is time to move on to knitting an adult sized garmet but I love the quick finishes that knitting baby outfits and scarves brings.

Stitching wise I have not got very far this month and only managed to progress the Macintosh Rose Window piece that I am working on to about the halfway stage.

End of January Stash Update
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 59 projects
Stash Pile at 31 Jan 06: 59 projects
Currently working on Rose Window by Derwentwater Designs (currently approximately 50% complete).
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 12 projects
Stash Pile at 31 Jan 06: 12 projects
Changes in Jan: Finished one (fuscia scissor tassel) and added one (zig zag braclet)
Not currently working on any beading projects.
Knitting & Crochet
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 14
Stash Pile at 31 Jan 06: 12
Changes in Jan: Finished two projects - Pink Poncho and Scarf of Hope
Currently not working on any knitting projects.

January Goals

  • Complete Rose Window - No where near done I have only got the halfway stage
  • Complete at least one beading project - DONE
  • Complete knitted poncho for my neice - DONE
  • Complete one knitted scarf - DONE

February Goals

  • Complete Macintosh Rose Window

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