Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Start of New Crafting Year

I am planning on making a severe dent in my piles of stash this year and in order to keep myself on track I shall be posting monthly updates. Rather than keep repeating the lists I plan to just post a summary of progress, or more likely lack of progress together with with goals for the next month and I shall update the lists once significant changes have been made. So the summary for the start of the year are
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 59 projects
Currently working on Rose Window by Derwentwater Designs (currently approximately 5% complete).
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 12 projects
Not currently working on any beading projects.
Knitting & Crochet
Stash Pile as of 04 Jan 06: 14 projects
While away over the New Year period I purchased two new knitting projects (one scarf and one shawl). Not a great start to the year of stash reduction but I could not resist.
Currently working on a poncho for my niece.

January Goals
  • Complete Rose Window
  • Complete at least one beading project
  • Complete knitted poncho for my neice
  • Complete one knitted scarf

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