Monday, June 07, 2010

WIP Overload

Following my knitting stash organising I decided to make a start on organising the pile of knitting WIPs and the stitching & sewing WIPs & stash. Well quite quickly I decided to stop as I became rather overwhelmed with the amount of projects I have part down and also with the amount of stuff I have lying around untouched. Instead I have decided to pack everything away in boxes and to start a rotation of sorts. I am throwing out my monthly goals and the new plan is to select a maximum of 10 WIPs to work on each month (everything else will stay packed away). I then have to spend a minimum of 2 hours on each project. If I manage to get 2 hours done on each WIP I will then reward myself by starting a new small / quick project. If I manage to finish a project I will add in another WIP, if I manage to finish more than one project I will reward myself by starting a new project.
This months WIPs are going to be:
  1. Deirdre Shawl (knitting)
  2. Ishbel Shawl (knitting)
  3. Lime Vanilla Socks (knitting)
  4. Tapestry Ribbon Bag (knitting)
  5. Monthly Musings (cross-stitching)
  6. The Big Zipper (cross-stitching)
  7. Their Song (cross-stitching)
  8. Needlecase (stitching)
  9. Stitch Marker Holder (stitching)
  10. Jelly Roll Bag (sewing)
Tonight I think I am going to work on either the Lime Vanilla Socks or the Deirdre Shawl.

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