Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Addiction

Last night was the first night of a 3d felting class that I am taking at the local arts centre and I already think I might be addicted. I have never done any felting before, although I have cast-on for a knitted felt bag, but even after a single 2 hour class I think I might be addicted. When I got home last night instead of doing the sensible thing and going to bed I spent several hours looking at supplies; project ideas etc. and then went to bed to dream of felting. I am going to try and not buy too much in way of felting stash until I have finished at least a few projects. But have allowed myself a trip to the bookstore during my lunch hour where I purchased a felting book; I nearly purchased several but managed to limit myself to just one. For the time being I am going to try and limit my wet felting experiments to the class as I really need to make progress on some knitting, stitching and sewing projects (and I am not even thinking about my beading supplies & WIPs).

1 comment:

Gina said...

Am I allowed to laugh? Have you seen Nicky Epstein's felted bags???

Up for a felt along? (whenever I get some funds that is....)