Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May Report and June Goals

May Report

Well as predicted I made virtually no progress on my May goals only managing to complete one goal (knit a pair of socks) although I have made a start on organising my knitting stash. So June's goals are going to be a repeat of May's with the exception being that I have decided that I am far to behind on the KA KAL that I have absolutely no chance of catching up so I have dropped out.

April Goals

1. Finish Monthly Musings
2. Make progress on The Big Zipper
3. Finish Knitting Goddess Needle Holder
4. Finish Knitting Goddess Stitch Marker Holder
5. Start one small project from stash
1. Finish Mae's yellow cardigan
2. Make progress on lace long sleeved cardigan
3. Make progress on cabled jacket
4. Finish Ishbel Shawl
5. Cast-0n and finish a project using yarn from stash
1. Organise my knitting; beading; stitching and sewing stash
2. Finish at least one quilting /patchwork / sewing project
3. Decorate my bathroom

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