Tuesday, January 06, 2009

At Last Photos

December by Lizzie*Kate completed January 2009.
The Big Zipper by Bent Creek, started 01-Jan-2009. Stitched on 36ct natural linen using recommended colours.

At last blogger has decided to allow me to upload a couple of photos. I am still stitching away on The Big Zipper but will have to put it down this weekend to finish off the stitching I need to do on the UFO RR as mailing date is the 12th. I am also wanting to complete my January biscornu and make a start on Monthly Musings this weekend (oh well I guess the housework will just have to wait another week).


Anonymous said...

Cute finish Allie! Nice progress on your BZ too.

Redwitch said...

Cute LK finish and great new start!

Your new look is looking great from here :)

Margaret said...

Lovely new look Allie.

Your finish is very pretty and the new start looks great.