Friday, December 28, 2007

I am Spoiled

Being 34 does not stop me being a spoiled daddy's girl. My sister and Mother call me the senior child of the family - the other two children being my 4 year old niece and 18 month old nephew. Mum & Dad always buy my sister and me several presents but Daddy also likes to buy his three girls a gift just from him. This year he asked me to organize a day at a local spa for Mum, my sister and me as his gift to us. He also asked me for a list so he could surprise me with a little something. So I sent him a link to my favorite UK online stitching shop, the details of my favorite LNS and a list of a dozen or so charts that I would like. I expected him to buy me one or two instead he gave me a parcel containing 18 charts, all the required charms / buttons and a huge pile of threads. The only thing needed to stitch all the charts is some fabric and I have a crate full of that so do not need to buy any.
He bought me (some of which are pictured above but not all since I have left some at my parents house to work on when over there):
Bent Creek
The Littles Snowman
Heart in Hand Needleart
Christmas Bird
Easter Bird
Spring Bird
Summer Bird
Autumn Bird
Winter Bird
Summer Sampler
Spring Sampler
Flip it a year with Charm - March, April, May, June, July and August
The Trilogy
I have now decided to abandon my rotation and work on whatever project takes my fancy until something else screams too loudly to be ignored. Also instead of buying one new project for every 6 finished I am aiming to finish 20 before I buy any stitching stuff then I might go back to one purchase per 6 finishes.
I am not back at work till the 3rd Jan and between now and then I have a few household chores to do, a couple of errands to run and a handfull of visits to friends & family planned but the rest of the time will be spent stitching or knitting. Hopefully this will mean I can get several projects finished. I have three which I think only need to work on for a few hours each (JBW Designs Reindeer Sampler, Lizzie*Kate Baby Sampler and Little House Needleworks Paperwhites) before they are completed. I have never managed to figure out why I get projects 90% completed and then put them away to work on something else.

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