Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 Goals

Having failed miserably to reach my goal for 2006 of ending the year with less than 50 cross-stitching projects in my stash I have decided to just set two goals for 2007:

  • Enjoy my knitting, stiching and beading.
  • Stick to my 50 Project Challenge (which also means buying no stash in 2007 unless I reach the halfway point on my challenge when I am allowed a small reward)

I would like to reach at least the halfway stage on my 50 Project Challenge by the end of 2007, which means I need to finish 19 projects. I have come up with a tentative list of projects that I wish to finish in 2007, this is of course subject to change since although I love creating lists I find it hard to stick to them.


  1. Frills Braclet by The Bead Merchant (beading)
  2. Angel of Spring by Lavender & Lace (cross-stitching)
  3. Kate's GTG Sampler (cross-stitching)
  4. Turkish Knot Tassel by Spellbound Beads (beading)
  5. Forget Me Not In Stitches - Take A Lovely Sampler Book of Needles (cross-stitching)
  6. Sweet Pea Fairy by DMC (cross-stitching)
  7. Auroa Stars by Spellbound Beads (beading)
  8. Fuzzy Scarf (knitting)
  9. Rega Scarf (knitting)
  10. Tempest by Teresa Wentzler (cross-stitching)
  11. Bakewell Tart Sampler (cross-stitching)
  12. Rose Bouquet by Derwentwater Designs (cross-stitching)
  13. Futurecast by Teresa Wentzler (cross-stitching)
  14. Pearl Lozenge Necklace (beading)
  15. Yellow Eyed Penguin by The Strand (needlepoint)
  16. Dunedin by The Little Kit Company (cross-stitching)
  17. Fuchsia Earings by Spellbound Beads (beading)
  18. Fuchsia Tassel Necklace by Spellbound Beads (beading)
  19. Mackinstoch Coaster 1b by Derwentwater Designs (cross-stitching)

WIPs as of 31 December 2006 are shown in purple.

In coming up with list I have tried to be realistic in what is acheivable within 12 months and also to allow for some variety to try and prevent me from becoming bored. I will no doubt decide that I do not want to work on any of the projects listed and will end up working on something totally different but I am not going to stress about that as the only important things are to keep crafting and to buy no new stash.

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