Friday, April 30, 2010

Train Journeys and Crafting

Pattern: Peekaboo Socks by Tracie Dawkins
Yarn: Rico Designs Superba Print 4-ply (less than 0.5 of 10gram ball used)
Started: 28th November 2009
Finished: 30th April 2010
Each morning I have a 20 minute train journey into the office which is a perfect time do a little bit of crafting as I can not sit doing nothing for even 5 minutes. But I have discovered that I have to have just the right project with me. I do not like knitting on straight needles as there is always the risk of hitting those sitting around me so knitting projects have to be either on short dpns or circulars. Additionally knitting patterns have to have short rows as I do not like stopping mid-row; and an easy to remember pattern as juggling my knitting, my handbag, my laptop plus a knitting pattern is not always practicable on a busy commuter train. Stitching on the train is also out as there are too many items to juggle with. Having finished my flames scarf and got Ishbel to the start of the lace section I needed another project for the train this week so picked up a long neglected WIP, Peekaboo socks. The first sock in this pair was cast-on sometime in 2009 as I had planned to make several pairs of socks as Christmas gifts but never got around to completing them in time. But this week I have managed to complete the second sock.

These socks are now on their way to a friend of mine who is having a rough time at the moment as I thought they might cheer her up a little bit.

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Karoline said...

They're lovely, congratulations