Sunday, April 11, 2010


I can not believe how fast this year is going and I don't seem to have made much progress with all my crafting other than to start lots more projects and to buy lots more stash. So in an attempt to get more focus I have decided to set myself some goals.

In no particular order in April I would like to:

  1. Finish Monthly Musings
  2. Make progress on The Big Zipper
  3. Finish Knitting Goddess Needle Holder
  4. Start & finish Knitting Goddess Stitch Marker Holder


  1. Finish red marble short sleeved jumper
  2. Finish Mae's yellow cardigan
  3. Make progress on lace long sleeved cardigan
  4. Make progress on cabled jacket
  5. Finish Blur Easy Lace Scarf
  6. Finish Flames scarf
  7. Make progress on at least on project for the Knitter's Anonymous Knit Along


  1. Organise my knitting; beading; stitching and sewing stash
  2. Finish at least one quilting /patchwork / sewing project
  3. Decorate my bathroom
  4. Make at least 4 (not including this one) posts to this blog

Having made the list it looks rather long so I would be pleased to at complete at least half of them this month; the remaining goals can be carried over into May.

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Lindsay said...

Good Luck with yor goals Alli