Monday, July 27, 2009

Knitting Progress of Sorts

Last week was spent sorting out my knitting stash & WIPs and over the weekend I added most of it to my Ravelry pages. I shocked myself at just how much I really have, but at least now I have an upto date stash list and no excusses to just buy more yarn. I also found several nearly finished WIPs most of which I had totally forgotten about. One of which is the blue baby blanket which only needed 5 rows of garter stitching to be complete. Why I put something away so close to being finished I do not know, but I have been good and it is now completed. I have since cast on a baby raglan sleeved cardigan in the same yarn and hope to have enough yarn left over to also knit a hat. Once completed the set will be sent to the AC4C groups August charity which is Algerian Action [].

Since the vast majority of my knitting stash is either baby yarn or sock yarn I plan to spend the rest of the year either knitting baby stuff to give to charity or socks to give to friends as Christmas presents. Not having to go to work means I have much more time for crafts so I have also managed to finish a pair of socks last night or rather very early this morning. The pattern was called Sunshine Socks and is one of many free sock patterns that I have found on the internet, printed off and now can not find the source for.

Then this morning because I have plenty of knitting, stitching and sewing WIPs to be working on (not to mention the housework) I cast on a new pair of socks. At least I am using a ball of yarn from my stash!!!

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Scully said...

The baby blanket is lovely Allie and I've already told you I like your socks! I'm off to peep at your Rav stash now!!