Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Weekend Report

A Trio of Biscornu
Jan; Feb & March Biscornu completed as part of the 2009 Basket of Biscornu Challenge.

The weather co-operated with my plans; it was wet, cold and windy on Saturday while I was at the sit & sew day at my local quilting shop and on Sunday morning the sun was shinning while I was out in the garden. However, my health decided to put an end to my plans for Sunday afternoon and I got a migraine.

Despite this set back I did manage to get a couple of small finishes:

On Friday night I finished a scarf for the AC4C group project for March; finished and in the post to the recipient just in time.

Then on Saturday evening I finished my biscornu for March (I just love doing things at the last minute!!). I did start a new quilt top as well but it is not ready for a photograph just yet. Two (small) finishes and one new start is not too bad for a weekends work I think. I am now having trouble deciding which project to work on next; I am blaming the migraine for my indecision.


Anonymous said...

Love the biscorni/biscornus Allie, very pretty!

Karoline said...

They're both lovely Allie, congratulations

Belinda said...

Beautiful biscornus (biscorni?)! and scarf as well.

Blaming the migraine sounds like a good plan!