Monday, April 06, 2009

The Great De-Clutter 2009

At the weekend I decided that the time has come for a major de-clutter. When I first moved into my current house from a small one bedroom flat I loved the fact that I had loads of storage space and could put everything away in an organised manner. Now nearly 3 years on my stuff has expanded to fill the available space and I often can not find what I want or if I can find it I can’t get to it easily as all my cupboard space is stuffed full; some won’t even shut properly and I also now have bags & boxes of stuff lying in corners and the spare room is filled with stuff. Actually it is the spare room and my niece’s horrified expression when she saw it on Sunday that has led to the start of the de-cluttering. My niece (5years old) was most upset when she could not get to the bed in the spare room as she now has no where to sleep when she comes to live with me. Not sure when she is coming to live with me but she seems to think that she will be moving in one day and when she does she wants a bed to sleep in.

So the time has come to get organised and de-clutter; stuff that I have not used for years will be sent to the charity shop or given to someone who will use it; rubbish will be binned and what remains will be put away in an organised fashion so that I can see what I have and put it to use. I now plan to spend an hour or so each evening when I get home from work tackling a cupboard, box or pile of stuff. At lunchtime I am going to go and get myself some boxes in which to put stuff and then tonight I will start attacking the clutter.

At the weekend I did get a little stitching done but not much as I felt the need to start some knitting; most of which has now been unravelled as my tension was totally out so I need to re-start on a larger set of pins.

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