Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Chrismassy HD

Lizzie*Kate 2007 Limited Edition Christmas Kit, started 7th November 2008 completed 23rd Decemeber 2008.
Finished just in time for Christmas (but not ironed since I am staying at my parents and my mother refuses to let me get the iron out as it does not go with the Christmas decorations). It was a really fun and, for me, quick stitch. I have a couple of other Christmasssy projects on the go but may not get them finished this year.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Great finish Allie! LOL at your mum and the iron.

Have a great Christmas!

Ginnie said...

What quick stitching - it looks fab. Happy Christmas

Karoline said...

It's lovely Allie, congratulations