Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 Plans

I have been thinking about my stitching plans for 2009. Having once again said in 2008 that I wanted to reduce my stash and failing miserably. Despite finishing 30ish projects I have ended up with a couple of dozen more projects in my stash than this time last year. Almost all my 2008 finishes were of small(ish) recent additions to my stash and I hardly stitched on anything I have has in my possession for more than 12 months. Having spent some time reviewing the contents of my stash I have come to the conclusion that I love my stash all of it. So the idea for 2009 is to reconect with some of my larger and older project in my stash but also to enjoy my stitching. I am not too bothered about actually finishing anything but would like to make progress on some of my larger projects. Nor am I going to try reducing my stash but rather just practice a little restraint when going on shopping sprees. So here is the plan for 2009:
The Plan
Week 1 & 2 of every month work on any project from The Project List.
Week 3 of every month work on Monthly Musings
Rest of the month stitch on any project from either The Project List or anything else from my stash or RRs or exchanges.
The Project List
1. Noah's Ark by TW (started about 6 years ago and about one third done).
2. Angel of Spring by Lavender and Lace (started about 20 years ago and almost done).
3. Night by Maria Von Scharrenburg (can't remember when I started this but it must have been at least 5 years ago).
4. Growing Like a Tree by Moria Blackburn (not yet started but has been in my stash for years).
5. Summer Queen by Mirabillia (also not started but a long standing stash member).
6. Big Zipper by Bent Creek (a very new addition to my stash).

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Lindsay said...

Best of luck with it Allie