Sunday, September 14, 2008

Three Things

Firstly, as promised two belated happy dance photos:

The Littles Bunny by Bent Creek, started and finished in August 2008

Autumn ABCs by Lizzie*Kate, started and finished in August 2008

Secondly, I must confess to falling off The Wagon. After a very (well for me) restrained shopping experience at the Quilting Festival at the NEC last month and also a very good (for me) stitching month with several finishes I went a bit mad. I now have a small pile of Autumn and Winter small charts (I think I am going to be able to use threads and fabric from my stash for all of them), a couple of new Christmas stitching projects, all the 2008 Loose Feathers designs released so far (and I will be buying the rest and also be stitching the mystery sampler) and enough fabric to sew at least 3 quilt tops (still to finish my first one but a girl must have stash). When I fall off The Wagon I do it well.

Finally, I had been planning to start several of my Loose Feather projects this month and try to finish as many as possible before the end of the year since I am sure to want to buy the 2009 ones (assuming there will be some) and I still have some dating from 2006 to start. However while trying to decided on which of my UFOs to send out on the next round robin I was overcome with guilt about the UFOs so I have come up with yet another plan. I am going to set up a five piece rotation, the first 3 pieces will be Loose Feathers designs, the fourth a UFO and the last one a small design. I then will stitch on which ever piece is screaming the loudest with the only rule being that every month I must make some progress on each of the five projects.

To start with the rotation will be:
Project 1: Beneath the Sunlit Sky by Blackbird Designs, already started and pictured below;

Project 2: Their Song by Blackbird Designs, a new start;
Project 3: Bluebirds Message, by Blackbird Designs, another new start
Project 4: Rose Bouquet by Derwentwater Designs, a UFO of many years standing. As you can see from the picture below it was started and then put away for reasons now unknown with very few stitches added.

Project 5: Undecided as yet but I have pulled out the following charts: Lizzie*Kate's September, October, November & Autumn Basket, Heart In Hand Celebration Autumn, Autumn Bird & Halloween Bird and The Trilogy's Autumn House.

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