Friday, August 24, 2007


I cannot believe that is nearly a month since I last. Life is rather busy at the moment and I have trying to devote all my spare time to completing the pre-stitching for a Lauren Sauer class that I am attending in October. Since I am attending a total of three classes and as yet have not completed the pre-stitching on any of the projects. My current aim is to get all the pre-stitching done for Album (which is being featured in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly) and have at least some stitching done for the other two classes. But it is very touch and go as to whether or not this is an achievable goal. Luckily this weekend is a three-day weekend and I should get plenty of stitching done. I will also try to take a photograph – if the sun shines long enough that is. Once the October classes are out of the way I will need to get a wriggle on with pre-stitching for a CA Wells class that I am taking in November. There is nothing let setting oneself tough deadlines.

As well as making progress on the stitching front I have also been knitting and somehow have managed to start (but not finish) four scarves all intended as a quick way of using up some of my stash and will be donated to various charities once completed. I have also been knitting more squares since these satisfy my urge to start new things but are also quick to finish. My second batch of squares should be ready to parcel up and send out soon but I am waiting till I have several to send out before posting.

I have recently discovered the desire to learn to crochet. I did try a while ago but did not get very far. I started trying to teach myself using a Leisure Arts pattern for a 63 square afghan but only got a few square done. Although it is a good project to use to learn different stitches I think it was just a bit ambitious as a first project. I have now brought myself a number of books and have searched the Internet for smaller beginners projects. Once I have completed a few scarves and got past the stitching classes I am going to give it a go. I am thinking of attempting a scarf as my first project or maybe a few squares to donate to one of the many organizations which make good use of squares.
Away from crafting work is going great (I even got a promotion) and home life is ok. I became an honoury auntie again this week to a lovely little girl who delighted her mother by arriving after only 2 hours of labour. I have however managed to damage my car or to be more precise a lorry managed to damage my car. As was driving along the motorway in rush hour traffic an articulated lorry decided to change lanes without warning into the lane that I was traveling in. I am just thankful that only metal was damaged and that everyone esle managed to avoid me.

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