Friday, August 31, 2007

End of a Crazy Week

This week has sure been crazy. After a great Monday - Bank holiday therefore no work and plenty of stitching and knitting I woke up on Tuesday and could not make my left hand close up. This made getting dressed and driving to work rather interesting. This then lead to a trip to the doctors and a very long arguement with BUPA over the tests and treatment that I now need. Work has been rather frantic and a little bit frustrasting but I have successfully made it to the weekend or so I thought this morning when things went a little weird but I got the problem sorted before lunch. Lunchtime I went to the bank to pay a few bills only to be told that my card has expired. Odd since my card says expires end July '08, turns out that the compter database that processes payments has it down as end August '07 but the database that sends out new cards has it as July '08. All these means that I now can not take money out of my account or use Switch until the new card arrives in 7 - 10 working days. I think I am going to stay home and knit or stitch all weekend rather than risk going out anywhere.

Stitching wise I have been making progress on the Album (sorry still no photo) and knitting wise I have managed to finish a number of squares. Two 12'' bright pink squares which are going to Pricilla ( who is going to make an afghan from squares made by members of the Fibre Freaks BB. The finished ghan will be donates to Blankets for the Gulf. I have also completed knitting four other squares which I am yet to decide what to do with.

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