Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching Up

[POST PUBLISHED ON 18th March 2007]

I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted, it was partly bloggers fault as for some reason it would not let me post but mainly because I have be rather busy. In mid-Februaryspent a highly enjoyable week with my parents, sister and her family down in Devon celebrating my mothers 65th birthday (although I am yet to finish stitching the sampler I was going to give her as a 60th gift). It is running joke in my family that I am always about 8 years behind on my gift stitching. It is mainly my families fault since they like large complex pieces (just like me so I can not blame them too much). In an attempt to keep up I have however recently been trying to make smaller gifts for people. One such gift was a small lavender filled cushion which I stitched for a great-Aunts 80th birthday which she celebrated at the begining of March. Sorry for the very poor photo, in real life it is a dusky rose pink thread on white linen. The pattern is called Queens Heart and was published in The Gift of Stitching Magazine.

I have also finished stitching Yellow Eyed Penguin by The Strand which was one of the kits that I brought last year while on holiday in New Zealand.And finally I have also finished another beaded braclet. Again apologise for the poor quality photo, the beads are various shades of purple.

These three finish mean that I have completed 14 projects on my 50 Projects Challenge. I am currently stitching on a pile of small gifts, all of which are being stitched with hand-dyed threads from my stash pile and will (fingers crossed) get me to the half-way stage on my challenge in the not too distant future.

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