Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Latest Stitching Plan

I have decided to try and finish the following projects, some of which are WIPs (indicated by tge % complete), by the end of the year:
Coleshill Collection – Sunflower
Humphrey’s Corner – Daisy Chain (50% complete)
L*K – Wanted! Santa 02
L*K – Bless the Baby
Beth Russell – Orange Border (80% complete)
Derwentwater Designs - Rose Window
Just Nan – Celeste
L&L – Angel of Spring (80% complete)
Mellinnia Designs – William de Morgan Dogsmerfield (10% complete)

I have also decided to retire (to the bin) one of my WIPs which was started 5ish years ago and was intended as a wedding present for my sister. I have never been happy with it and have finally decided that I never will be. I will stitch something else as a 5th anniversary present for my sister & her husband next year.

I am starting with the Daisy Chain which I started this weekend and have made great progress on.

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