Sunday, September 11, 2005

A knitting weekend

I am coming to the end of a relaxing weekend spent pampering myself and knitting. I should however have been stitching on a piece that is to be a present for a friend but I had a tidy up last weekend and now can not find the supplies which I know I put away somewhere safe.

Instead I finished the grey scarf that I started just over a week ago. I am in a state of shock that I have managed to start and complete something in less than a year. The picture is not very good but the yarn is a mixture of various shades of grey with a little bit of dark camel.

Having completed the scarf I have started a cardigan for my niece which since she is only just about to turn 2 should not take too long to complete. I have recently decided that I need to reduce the amount of crafting stash that I own, I really do not have the space to house it all and there is so much stuff out there that I am itching to buy. So I am trying to only start something when something similar has been finished and I am also trying to work my way trough my pile of WIPs. How long this system will last only remains to be seen and I am sure that the CC will be out before too long.

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Belinda said...

Beautiful work on the scarf! Congratulations!!