Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mid Week Blues

The weekend can not arrive quickly enough, for some reason this week I feel totally exhausted. Luckily I have a very long weekend planned - I finish work tomorrow and do not go back till Tuesday and I have a totally self indulgent weekend planned. Friday morning will be a little housework followed by a little shopping. Then the rest of the weekend will be spent sleeping, knitting, cross stitching or crocheting. So hopefully I will make loads of progress on all of my current projects.

Last weekend I met up with several other cross stitchers who I have gotten to know through the internet. It was great fun to spend the day chatting, eating and knitting (I know I should have taken cross stitching to a gtg of cross stitchers but I am really in the mood for knitting at the moment). The only downside to the gtg is that everyone brought along projects that they have completed or are working on and this has led to an increased wish list and a mini shopping spree. My stash list (so far) as a result of the gtg is two cross stitch kits byBarbara Thompson (Art Deco Skyscape and Patchwork Around The World) and a scarf pattern, a shawl pattern and some knitting wool from Fiddlesticks. Now I am just waiting impatiently for the postman to arrive.


Scully said...

Ha ha! does that mean I enabled you with some of that wool Allie! Pleased to be of service ;)

Allie said...

Yes the wool is your fault Scully. I must say that the lady at Fiddlesticks is lovelly. I can't wait for the parcel to arrive. The cross stitch stuff is Zandon's fault.