Sunday, August 28, 2005

A good days shopping

Yesterday I decided to go on a shopping adventure to check out my not so local knitting wool shops. Two I visited are not worth the hours drive to get to them, but two will deffinately be seeing me again even though they are both nearly an hour from home for me. I managed to buy the remaining wool for the crochet afghan that I am part way through creating. I am using this project to teach myself how to crochet so the going is slow. I also purchased my first sock knitting kit and a pattern & wool to knit a little baby cardigan for a friend who is expecting a baby in Novemeber.

Now I am just waiting for my order to arrive form FiddleSticks and my month of shopping will be complete. Good job pay day is close at hand.

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Scully said...

Hey Allie, I just bought some Velvet Touch off e-bay! Great minds think alike. I love the sock wool, but I don't know if I'd be able to wear them as I don't mix well with wool :)
Congrats on your stash.