Friday, July 02, 2010

June Report and July's Plan

In June I said I would work on each of the following WIPs for at least 2 hours.

  1. Deirdre Shawl (knitting) - yes
  2. Ishbel Shawl (knitting) - finished
  3. Lime Vanilla Socks (knitting) - yes
  4. Tapestry Ribbon Bag (knitting) - yes
  5. Monthly Musings (cross-stitching) - yes (almost finished)
  6. The Big Zipper (cross-stitching) -no
  7. Their Song (cross-stitching) - yes
  8. Needlecase (stitching) - yes
  9. Stitch Marker Holder (stitching) - yes
  10. Jelly Roll Bag (sewing) - no

Well the plan sort of worked; I managed to work on all of the WIPs with the exception of The Big Zipper and the Jelly Roll Bag. Ishbel has been completed and Monthly Musings just needs to be washed; ironed and have the buttons added.

July's Project List

  1. Deirdre Shawl (knitting)
  2. Rainbow Cable Socks (knitting)
  3. Lime Vanilla Socks (knitting)
  4. Tapestry Ribbon Bag (knitting)
  5. Charity Knitting (knitting)
  6. Monthly Musings (cross-stitching)
  7. The Big Zipper (cross-stitching)
  8. Summer Banner (cross-stitching)
  9. Their Song (cross-stitching)
  10. Needlecase (stitching)
  11. Stitch Marker Holder (stitching)
  12. Jelly Roll Bag (sewing)

The plan is to spend a minimum of 2 hours on each of the above projects; if a miracle occurs and I actually manage to finish a project I might allow myself to add in a replacement project. The only other thing that I plan to do is to wash Monthly Musings and the tiny sampler which I finished the stitching on in June & add the buttons.

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