Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tote Bags & Biscornu

Firstly; thanks for all the good wishes it is great to know that I have friends; even if I don't have a job. I am finding out just how lucky I am to have the friends & family that I have got. Having hobbies which occupy both my hands & my mind is also helping me cope; unfortuately the current ecomomic climate means it is looking increasingly likely that I will be out of work for at least a few months.
Secondly I have just remembered to share with you the biscornu I made last month (in the last few hours of the month, there is nothing like doing things at the last minute).

This past weekend I met up with two stitching / sewing friends to discuss a group project that we are creating. For the last 2 years I have spent the first weekend of June in a Derbyshre cottage (Dove Farm) in the company of stitching friends. Children (unless they are breastfeeding babies) and husband are banded and the weekend is spent stitching, knitting, gossiping and laughing. This year we have been asked by the owner of the cottages if we would mind producing a wall hanging for her. So a trip to choose quilting fabric and a very enjoyable few hours looking in quilt shops followed. Once I got home I had the urge to get out the sewing machine and since I had liberated some very girly pink & purple fabrics (complete with ballet shoes and dancing mice) from my friend Sally's stash I created a small tote bag for my niece who has just started ballet lessons.
The bag is just a smaller version of the one I made for my mother last month and the one pictured below which I made for myself last weekend.

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