Friday, March 20, 2009

Fabric; Fabric; Fabric

I have released that my fabric obsession has gotten worse; with Mothering Sunday just around the corner and a mother who loves presents but hates us spending money on her I thought I would put make a shopping tote for her. So last night I decided to get out all my fabric and see if I had anything suitable. After pulling fabric out of all the places I had stashed it I shocked myself with just how many meters of fabric I own. I knew I had a considerable stash of fabric and that I had trouble with resisting the urge to buy more but what I had not released is that I have a problem with using fabric. I kept picking up pieces of fabric which would make lovely bags and putting them down because they were too nice to use. After giving myself a sever talking to I think I have managed to convince myself to use some fabric to make the said bag but will not know for sure till I come to cut out the fabric this evening.

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Margaret said...

Sorry I haven't been by for a while - just so much to do and so little time left to blog or comment.

I love the look of the quilt squares. The class must be great fun and I think the result will be beautiful.

Certainly know what you mean about doing what you feel like - when you feel like it. We recently travelled to the US and I started a new project just for travelling (Pumpkin Patch by PS). Anyway the idea was to put it away when we got home and save it for future travel. We have now been home for four days and every evening has been spent on - you guessed it 'Pumpkin Patch'.

Go ahead and pick your absolutely favorite piece of fabric to make a bag for your mom. You will never regret it.