Friday, November 07, 2008

Holiday Stitching and a HD

First the happy dance:

Celebration: Autumn by Heart In Hand Needleart
Started October 2008 and finished November 2008
I used hand-dyed threads but changed a few to ones I already had rather than buy the recommended ones. Button is also different to that shown on the original design.

When deciding on which project to take on holiday with me I did try to be sensible and only take a few projects, honestly I did. But after much deliberation and a sleepless night I have now packed the following:
Bluebirds Message and Their Song by Blackbird Designs
Snowy Night by The Trilogy
Celebration: Winter, Tall Snowman, Winter Bird and Christmas Bird by Heart In Hand Needleart
Here Comes Santa Claus, Just Be Claus, 'Tis The Season, Santa's Got the Goods and Ho Ho Ho by Lizzie*Kate.
All but the two Blackbird Designs are or will be new starts. I know that 12 projects is more than I will be able to finish or probally even start and that some will come home without a single stitch added to them but I could not decide which ones to leave behind. At least this way I have plenty to choose from and I do plan to spend the whole of the plane journey stitching. I will let you all know how I got on when I return in 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Cute finish Allie!

Enjoy your holiday!

Karoline said...

Lovely finish Allie, have a lovely holiday

Margaret said...

What a pretty finish Allie.

How fun to have lots of projects to choose from during your holiday. Have a wonderful time.