Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Knitting HDs

Once again it seems that I have been too busy to post to my blog and this time I also have the excuse that my internet connection has been playing up. I am in a bit of a knitting frenzy at the moment and have managed to complete another baby blanket, several squares and a sock.
The baby blanket was knitted using a single 100 gram ball of James C Brett Magi Baby DK yarn. As I did not want to knit a plain blanket I added a border of feather & fan stitches to the short ends and a garter stitch border along the long sides. I love knitting but hate making up so a self-edging baby blanket is great since the only stitching needed is to finish off the ends.
The squares where a means to use up a ball of variegated DK yarn that I had no idea what else to knit with and will be sent along with the blanket to Loving Hands. I am very pleased to find a UK based organisation to send knitted items to for distribution to various charitable causes. I will definitely by sending more items to them in the near future.
The sock is just a basic plain sock knit from Rico Hobby Print yarn. I would not normally pick such a vivid colourway but love the way it has knitted up. The yarn came in a kit containing two 50 gram balls, a sock pattern (which I did not like the look of for some reason) and a set of dpns. I think I have enough yarn left from the first ball to knit a trainer or very short ankle sock, so instead of casting on the second sock to complete the pair I have cast on a sock to start a new pair just to see if I can knit two pairs of socks from 100 gram of yarn. I also have this yarn in two other colours and am itching to start socks in them as well but am trying to be good and not cast on more than one sock at a time. I just have this feeling that I could end up with a dozen unfinished socks if I am not careful.

I have not completely abandoned my stitching and am still working on Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird Designs and hope to have made enough progress by the end of this week to justify posting a progress picture.

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